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December 2005
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Today's Morning Cup invites awareness into the transient nature of delicious sweets and the moment to moment joy we experience when with our child. A mindful parenting verse reminds us of how fleeting both are, yet can endure in our hearts when we are truly present for the experience.
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Today's Morning Cup helps open awareness to the connection between our flesh and blood and that of our child's. When we bathe, we can escape mental chatter by directing awareness to this connection.
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This Morning Cup reminds you how close at hand mindfulness and a deepening connection to your child are at all times. Fingernails offer easy to remember cues to your spiritual connection to your child and to the present moment.
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Today's Morning Cup invites you to use a simple visualization technique when you are with your child to open a doorway to connecting more deeply with your child and yourself.
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Embrace your child as you recite a lovingkindness meditation. Doing so will open your heart to greater compassion for not just your child but yourself.
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Today's Morning Cup podcast transforms your eyes into the lenses of a camera, helping you to awaken to the extraordinary beauty residing within every moment.
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In this Morning Cup column you bring together the past and the present and awaken to the depths of genuine love in your life.
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Today's Morning Cup column and verse use the association between your work and your child's homework to draw energy from your thinking mind into your body.
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Today's Morning Cup column transforms body awareness by cuing imagery and sensation of carrying your child as if you were pregnant. Doing so, you expand awreness of your child and your connection to the cosmos.
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We can connect deeply with our children as they begin the school year for our own schooltime experiences are rich in memories and run deep. Today's Morning Cup column reminds us to listen deeply to our child and open awareness to the experiences shared. A verse is offered for further reflection.
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In this Morning Cup column you awaken to the many gifts awaiting you as you read a bedtime story to your child.
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Today's Morning Cup column and verse tranforms a routine moment into one of expanded awareness. Awaken to the presence of your child in your life, and your being in the here and now, with every step you take.
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This Morning Cup column reminds you to be truly present with your child when you are together, and to allow for togetherness even when you are "too busy" to attend to your child. Share with your child how you may be tugged in different directions and open to the simple beauty inherent in physical presence.
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This edition of The Morning Cup mindful parenting tip reminds you of the value of being present for your child and not overstating the importance of a project that can wait. If the project can't wait, then communciate that to your child with compassion. Ultimately, you will have more energy for both the project and your child.
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This Morning Cup column reminds you to really wake up when you awaken in the morning. The daily verse summons imagery of the vast cosmos within your child's eyes as a cue to leave distractions behind and enter the present moment.
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This Morning Cup column expands awareness beyond the confines of the ego. Using the hands to "listen," we can become more present and participate in what is actually taking place with greater depth of understanding.
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This Morning Cup column offers a mindful parenting tip that involves opening to awareness itself. Delta mind is awareness of becoming mindful of the moment.
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This Morning Cup column offers a mindful parenting tip that helps you open awareness to the presence of your child, and to the joy this connection offers, while working on the computer.
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